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All About Fitbit Ace



The following are answers to some commonly asked questions about Fitbit Ace:

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What is Fitbit Ace?

Fitbit Ace is Fitbit’s first tracker made especially for kids!


What are the age recommendations for Ace?

Fitbit Ace is made for ages 8+.


What comes in the box?

  • The Ace tracker
  • A detachable classic wristband in size x-small in your color choice
  • Charging cable

What is Ace made of?

The wristband is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches. It does not contain latex.


What is the battery life of Fitbit Ace?

Fitbit Ace has a battery life of up to 5 days. Battery life varies with use and other factors.


Are there different clock faces?

There are 10 unique clock faces that show date, time, goal progress, and more.


How does Ace sync its data?

With the Fitbit app, Ace automatically syncs to iOS and Android devices.


Can kids receive call notifications?

If your child has a smartphone, he or she can get call notifications on their wrist (works with select devices, when a phone is nearby).


Tracking Your Child’s Activity

What activity can Ace track?

Ace tracks steps, active minutes, and sleep.


How does Ace track sleep?

Ace automatically tracks sleep when worn to bed. Ace analyzes movement patterns to determine sleep state. When your child syncs their tracker, parents can see their sleep log in the Fitbit app.  


Can kids wear Ace while Swimming?

Ace is a showerproof tracker and can survive splashes and spills, but should not be worn while swimming.


How does Ace encourage kids to stay active?

You can turn on the reminders to move feature in the Fitbit app to encourage your child to stay active by moving at least 250 steps every hour.  


Can kids participate in Fitbit challenges?

Your child can challenge others to step competitions plus send each other messages or cheers in the Fitbit app.


Can kids earn Fitbit badges?

Ace keeps every step of the journey exciting with celebration messages and rewards your child  with fun badges when they reach goals and milestones.


Account Information

How do I set up an account for my child?

In the Fitbit app, you can create an account for your child under a family account.


What information can I see?

In the parent view in the Fitbit app, you can view your child’s activity, and progress.


What information can my child see?

In the kid view in the Fitbit app, your child can see their stats and badges, change clock faces, and more. You must first set up an account for your child and then switch to kid view, which can only be turned on by the family account owner.



What colors are available for Fitbit Ace?

Ace comes in Power Purple and Electric Blue.


What size is the wristband?

Sized for kids, the wristband is secure, adjustable and designed for growing kids.


How much does Fitbit Ace cost?

Fitbit Ace costs $99.95 USD.  


When can I order my Ace?

Ace is currently available for pre-order and can be found in the Fitbit Store.


When will my pre-order purchase be charged to my credit card?

Your card will be charged when your order ships.


When will Ace start to ship?

Fitbit Ace should ship in May.


When will Ace be delivered or available in stores?

Ace is scheduled to begin shipping from in May, and will also be available in select retailers. Some international regions will receive Ace in May as well.

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