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invalid email address android app

I am trying to login to The fitbit app on a new phone but I get the message that I have enteren an invalid email address or password. When I click on forgot password it tells me my emailaddress is invalid but I have checked my account by logging in to the dashboard via and there I had no problem so my account does exist and I had entered everything correct.
Any ideas on what to do? Should I just create a new account and lose my entire history or is there another solution? (I am using a fitbit alta and the phone is a Motorola moto)
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@MissA_88, I would suggest getting in touch with Fitbit Support.

MakMak | Community Council

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Take a look at the Fitbit help site for further assistance and information.

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@MissA_88 I recommend force stopping the app from the "Applications Manager" in your phone settings and then opening it back up and giving it another try. Hope that helps.

Erick | Community Moderator

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