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GPS Runs with Charge 2


I recently performed a GPS run with my Charge 2 in order to get a more accurate VOMax rating.  I ran my normal 4 mile course and at a 7:43 per mile pace according to my running watching.  My Fitbit Charge 2 gave me exaggerated results.  It had me completing 5.47 miles at a 5:40 per mile pace.  Although I appreciate being put in the same catagory as an elite runner, but I know what I'm capable of doing as a runner.  I'm unsure if I did something in correctly or if need to adjust my settings any for the tracker to work properly during a GPS run.


The reason I purchase the Charge 2 was so I could calculate my VoMax and predict my running finishing times for up comping races.  Is there way to get back to my previous VOMax rating prior to the run that didn't work properly? 

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It's nice to see you around the Community @mydonspace, hope you're doing great! I'd recommend taking a look at this post to get more information about the accuracy of your Fitbit, how accurate is GPS, and the best way to track your exercises. 


Hope that helps! 

Maria | Community Moderator, Fitbit

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