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Fitbit Community Basics

Learn your way around the Fitbit Community and find answers to common questions
2737 4 days d ago

News & Announcements

Keep up on the latest news from the Fitbit team
4123 9 minutes m ago

iOS App

63655 57 minutes m ago

Android App

55669 58 minutes m ago

Windows 10 App

11080 8 hours h ago Dashboard

64733 1 hour h ago

Fitbit Challenges & Adventures

5596 1 hour h ago

Fitbit Coach

102 1 day d ago

Third-Party Apps & Integrations

18090 23 hours h ago

Web API Development

Join the conversation with our developers, and build Fitbit data into your own applications, products and services with the Fitbit API
7723 17 hours h ago

SDK Development

1827 7 hours h ago

Researcher Community

Connect with the Fitbit team and other researchers using Fitbit data in research studies
59 1 day d ago
Lifestyle Discussion Forums
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Get Moving

How will you find your fit today? Discover workout ideas and share your progress with others.
33431 52 minutes m ago

Eat Well

What’s on your plate? Trade recipes, nutrition wisdom and more.
10943 8 hours h ago

Manage Weight

No matter what your weight goal is, find motivation and advice to hit your stride and feel good in your skin.
57818 1 hour h ago

Sleep Better

A good night’s rest is within reach! Exchange sleep tips and insights here.
5321 5 hours h ago

Live Mindfully

Dive into wellness topics like stress management, meditation, and how to be your best self.
1620 4 days d ago

Be Inspired

Need a little inspiration to get moving? Share success stories and strategies for hitting goals.
37862 2 hours h ago
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