Calories burned DURING a workout in real time!!!

With my previous tracker (Polar), I was able to strap on my watch, workout and watch the amount of calories burned in real time AND also timer to tell me how long i have been working out again, in real time. This helped me stay motivated and seeing the numbers helped me decided whether to push myself harder or not. I could simply glance at my watch to see how many cals were burned and how much time has passed. With my Fitbit Alta HR, this does not seem to be possible! How is this not a feature? You could simply add a display with a timer and cals burned during exercise without needing to add what exercise you are doing as long as your heart rate is up.


I was told you could, which is why I purchased this expensive gadget. I usually weight lift so I have to enter it manually, then it estimates how many calories are being burned but it depends on everyone. Am i missing something? 

If this is not a possibility, Ill have to return sadly. 

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Status changed to: Not currently planned

Hi everyone, thanks for sharing this suggestion. We're always striving to enhance Fitbit products and services, and we appreciate all of the input we receive from our customers. We do not currently have plans to release this feature. You can learn more about how Fitbit decides what suggestions get released in our FAQs. For now, we will leave this suggestion open for votes (and closed to comments) so that we can continue to track community demand over time. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us and we will let you know if anything changes.

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