Favorite section for recently used Clock Faces in Ionic/Versa

It would be helpful when the settings for a clock face will be remembered even after installing a different clock face. That way, you could occasionally swap the clock face and go back and forward without having to customize it every time. These settings shouldn't have to use too much storage and could be stored on the phone of the user, so that they'll get loaded in as defaults whenever a clock face is installed again after some time.


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Switching between the Clock faces would be great option to have it within the watch.

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It would be nice if you could load more than one watchface in Ionic, and have a "Watchfaces" item in the settings menu so you could choose the watchface you want.  Or at least in the app, have more than one watchface under "My Clocks" without having to wait for it to load every time you choose one.  Not only that, but if you choose another one and go back to the original one, you have to wait each time for loading.


Without the ability to quickly and easily switch clockfaces, I find it unlikely that there will be much attention given to them by the average user. They'll find one they like and rarely change it.

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It just might be easier not to put multiple clockfaces on the Ionic itself, but to extend the phone app with a section of favourite clockfaces. Hence the App Gallery will soon have hundreds (maybe thousands) of entries. Then, on the watch you can pick one from that list on the phone, making just that one loading on the Ionic.


bsavarin, I think labeling this under "Ionic" will increase the visibility of this and get more votes. This will be helpful for everyone, not just developers.

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Good idea - done!

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When I want to switch I have to scroll forever to find the one I want to switch to. 


A My WatchFaces section or Favorites would be great. 

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Hey @Jorix! Nice suggestion, thanks for sharing. We look forward to hearing what other community members think. Robot wink

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Suggest: we need some where to keep settings of EACH watch face when user switching to other watch face. Maybe they will switch back later …


Yes, I am sure they need it especially for the watch face with personal text like the ‘prayer “.




Please vote on this related thread, as with this we'd also be able to identify unique users, in case Fitbit never improves settings persistence:



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Voted as well!!


What needs to happen in the first place is a way to store multiple installed watchfaces at a time, and be able to quickly switch between them either on the app or the watch itself.  Then they should retain their own settings.



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For the Ionic watch faces in the app you should add a favorite category so we can easily find out favorites instead of having to go through all the faces again when we want to add another watch face.


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I want a tab for faces that have been previously installed, with an option to remove the ones I don't like. 

But thinking about it, it would be nice to have a list of faces I want to try out. 

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If there was an option to view recently used watch faces, it would help switch between watch faces commonly used  



This is a great idea and something I'd really value - I have a preferred clock face for most of my day, but different needs from it at other times. E.g. at work I need mostly to just know how many steps I've done that hour as frankly I'm supposed to be working and sit at my desk most of the time, but if I'm on my commute (cycling and walking) or exercising in general (like walking the dog) I prefer to see total steps for the day and my heart rate, but can rarely be bothered to bring up the specific exercise screen.


Being able to quickly swap the clock face from one to another for these times would be really good.

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Hello, I noticed every time a upload a watch face, the previous one is gone and I have to do a new search for it.  Once downloaded it would be nice to store it in the phone for 2 reasons:

1. To quickly find it and load it up 


2. Just in case the developer stops making it, you at least get to keep a copy in your phone. 



Perfect! Would be great to be able to add favorites to a list/tab for easy swapping.  Even better? Enable the Ionic to store 2 or 3 extra clock faces, that way you can easily switch from gym to office to out with friends. THAT would be sweet!


Hi - I usually switch clock faces on my ionic pretty much every day. This is bothersome using my phone as the gallery lags and glitches, sometimes self cancelling downloads of the desired watch face. It would be nice if some of the memory could be not just be dedicated to music but storing watch faces to conveniently switch them on your wrist.


This also means you can change your clock face with-out your phone or computer making ti convenient if you just want to use the watch. This could be incorporated into an app of button function, like double pressing and so on. This is just a suggestion and not an urgency.


To add, the clock faces would be installed on the Ionic rather than the phone. 

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Personally, I love this idea. It would be amazing if there were more watch faces than just the few that they provide. Great job coming up with such an awesome idea @Jorix

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yeah and for the blaze too ;-) 



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Instead of dividing votes and making your request less likely, please add your vote to the existing suggesrion

I second this idea. I am less worried about developers deleting the faces as that is their choice, but I would like to be able to save (favorite) watch faces so that I am able to reload them in the future. I would expect that as more faces are added, it will become harder to find the ones I want.

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@Rich_Laue This suggestion was made by me a month earlier than the one you linked to Smiley Wink


I’m in total agreement with others on this forum. Being able to save watch templates would be practical and less cumbersome than the current process in existence today.


Like others mentioned, having the option to switch watch templates depending on the day or the moment would be nice.

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I absolutely agree as well. I have a variety of different bands and have found my favourite faces for each. It would be great to be able to save them all in a "favourites" or "Frequently used" file. 

There could even be an extra tab on the "Clocks" screen, giving you "My Clock", "All Clocks" and "Favourites".

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