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I think an essential feature for the SDK is a way to a way to uniquely identify the current user. Ideally this would be linked to their Fitbit account so it is transferable between devices much like Pebble.getAccountToken() from Pebblekit JS.

Stepping Up

Thanks for posting this.


As a former Pebble developer, this was one of the cornerstones of Pebble development that a lot of developers used. I was quite surprised to see Fitbit had not added it from the start, and has not said anything about its addition yet.


Because of this lack of getAccountToken()-like functionality, keeping track of user trials across reinstalls is impossible unfortunately.


For folks worried about trials like me: Another developer I was talking to about this said that users who are willing to constantly reinstall and setup your apps are not viable customers anyway, so those should not be stressed. That helped ease my mindset about it.


Regardless, it would still be a lovely option to have.

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Agree. This would enable personalized messaging too (TimeLine?)

Fitbit Developer
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi everyone thanks for sharing this suggestion. This is being discussed as we definitely agree it would definitely be useful for developers. I do not have a firm commitment or timeline at the moment. Do continue to vote for this feature suggestion whilst it’s under consideration.

Please note that if something is under consideration and chosen for development, it can be a while until it's released or until I have any news to share. Please watch this space for any updates! Thanks for your patience.

First Steps

seems like a pretty essential feature if Fitbit cares at all about encouraging third-party developers 


I think I need something like this too. My app has to use a web service to do some heavy lifting, and this responds to fetch() calls from the companion app. But any one user (ie, one watch) can have multiple companion devices. This makes it hard for the web service to keep track of whose data belongs to whom.

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both device ID and user ID are all welcome!


I don’t want pay again for big weather

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@nELLY_pAN this is not the right place for this, but you can use to unlock the clockface again for free. No need to pay again.


Next time you have any issues please contact the developer or mail us at Smiley Happy


Hi, My friend:

I already pay again,because still send to number in my watch, when I
pay u$ 3.00 finished, they say next time day in 2018/06/28, I dont
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@nELLY_pAN please send us an e-mail to because this is not the place to handle this, then we will help you with your problems.

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Support. And Fitbit team please serious handle this request.


Its half year already after your stats: under consideration.

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