Tile to Track menstrual Cycle

More of a suggestion to Fitbit than a question - it'd be really nice to have a tile that helps track menstrual cycles since they're so tied to a woman's body, weight, food cravings, mood etc.


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oh yes please!

that's exactly what i was looking for!

especially since the cycle is so related to the body weight and upsetting scale readings. 
please add that feature or connect to existing trackers. 

one could extend that to follicular phase and luteal phase stats.. mapping that against the weight to identify when to avoid the scale. 






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+1  -- tracking weight fluctuations with your period is quite useful. Now I have to do it off fitbit, so I can't keep all my data together. 


Who stops exercising when those days come? I do.

Who tracks those days every month? I do.

Who gets the panic (for one second before you realise the reason behind it) when there's a sudden drop of activity for a few days in the monthly graphs? Yes, I really do.

It will be nice to know at a glance that there was a reason for the lack of activity/extended sleep etc, 

but not because I got lazy.

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I want to keep this idea alive. This post alone is not very descriptive, but for example Fitbit as an app should be able to integrate with an already existing period tracking app, like Glow (as Jawbone has already done), or Clue, or Period Tracker etc. Honestly, if I had known this past Christmas that a Jawbone would have synced with Glow I would have probably been swayed to buying one instead of my Fitbit Charge. A menstrual cycle is a huge part of a woman's life, and it effects both her eating and exercising habits. This integration is a really useful way to compile data, and see habits that may otherwise be overlooked. 

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Totally agree. A woman's menstrual cycle can reveal a great deal in context, which is what we're all looking for in trackers. Over 51% of fitness band users are female according to this study: http://mobihealthnews.com/32183/nielsen-46-million-people-used-fitness-apps-in-january/


Personally I would like to overlay my mood score, steps/activity with phases of my cycle (roughly menstruation/follicular/ovulation/luteal). I could enter averages for these as I've nailed them with a thermometer and a period tracking app. Very useful and something of a revelation for me to understand my menstrual cycle so intimately.


I hear Ovia the app integrates with Fitbit but I can't find out what this means. It's probably not the integration I'd like (cycles being available in Fitbit) but correct me if I'm wrong?


Ovulation trackers in general are becoming more popular with women; those wanting to get pregnant, those not wanting to get pregnant and those who seek deeper insight into their rhythms... so I'd hope this trend would be accomodated by the bigger players like Fitbit soon.


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I appreciate your contribution @Page75! I believe this is a very good idea and it can be helpful to women users. I will gladly send your suggestion to our team so they can take it in consideration.



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I agree that we need a way to track menstrual cycles and rather than a separate tile i'd like to see the weight measurements and the menstrual cycle in the same graph so we can easily correlate the weight fluctuations
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Dear Fitbit,

Menstrual health is a very important part of a woman's overall health. It would be nice to be able to track this information within the app that tracks everything else. Things I as a user would like to see:

- Period start and end date

- Symptoms

- Ovulation and fertile window

- Reminder before the P-day (most women tend to forget)

- Pregnancy tracking (where applicable)

- Maybe how exercise, water intake, calorie intake, sleep, etc. affect menstrual health

- Tips and resources

- Anything else you can think of


I really hope you consider this feature enhancement.




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Yes, I agree! Most women also gain a couple of pounds around their period so it would be nice to be able to track that average. 


There's another thread that's already in Reviewed By Moderator status, and it has more comments - if you'd like to add your vote over there, search for "menstrual cycle" or try https://community.fitbit.com/t5/Feature-Requests/Tile-for-menstrual-cycles/idi-p/130003


Hope we can get this off the ground!

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I love my Surge, Aria, and Fitbit App for iPhone! they're great for tracking your activity, nutrition, and using data analysis to understand changes in your body on your path to fitness. I would love to see the addition of a Women's Health tile to help track other changes that impact weight and body composition that occur for women on a cyclical basis. It would help me eliminate switching back and forth between two apps, and I'm sure other women would find it helpful too.
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For female users could you add a dash icon to track menses?  

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This could be so helpful to all of us ladies. I love the idea @fernju27! I'll make sure to let our developers know about this so they can take it into consideration. 


Any other ideas you might have, feel free to share or vote for them, if it’s already suggested in the Feature Request Forum. Thanks!

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It would be nice to see fitness historical data and trends to also include the data of the female monthly cycle for prediction and planning purposes for when or when not to sign up for long races....
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the app should have a section for women to use to trake their periods
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This would be a nice add
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I'm loving my Fitbit, but, like many others, I'd love to be able either to track my menstrual cycle within the Fitbit dashboard or app, or else to pull data from other apps (I personally use Clue). I know that the different phases of my cycle definitely affect my weight and performance, and it would be really helpful to be able to map this onto the rest of the data in some way. Thanks! 

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Hi, can u pls consider to add the period tracker for female as well so that it can be the real all-in-one health tracker.
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Please add to the app a way for people to track their menstrual cycles. We have the option to track sleep, input exercise, even heartbeat, and it seems like a no brainer to allow people to track their periods.

This is a feature that should be standard in all health tracking apps and I'm not sure why Fitbit doesn't already have it.
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This is a great idea. Again, fitbit needs to incorporate additional health metrics into their app. Someone upvote this post please!


FitBit should look into partnership with Kindara.

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Please please please add some sort of tile or section to help monitor menstural cycles.  It affects so much including workout performance, weight, eating habits etc.  It can help predict cycles too - I notice my heart rate trend follows my period.  It peaks and then dips..and then my period will come.  


If i need to attribute my efforts and daily activity to the stats to help make meaningful and healthy changes to my daily life, menstrual cycle is VITAL!!


I think for any woman, including menstrual cycles information is key to health monitoring.  


Don't be afraid of a bit of period there developers!

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It would be nice if the app had a feature where you could impute menstrual cycles for women.
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Dear Developers,
Original idea was submitted on  ‎01-31-2014 - over 2 years ago Woman SurprisedWoman SurprisedWoman Surprised and still no progress on it((( Please-please-please consider including the feature that tracks period!

Thank you greatly!

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I am reviving this thread because it is important for us women.


I currently use Period Tracker and would love to have a menstrual cycle tile on my dashboard!

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