Turn off quick view when I'm sleeping (or at customizable times) aka 'Night Mode'

I love the quick view feature however when I'm sleeping I tend to wave my arms around which activates the display which sometimes wakes me up, especially if my wrist is close to my face.


My fitbit knows when I'm sleeping as it tracks my sleep so how about having the capability to disable quick view automatically whilst I'm sleeping, in fact don't even have it as a selectable option just don't trigger quick view when my fitbit knows I'm sleeping.

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While starting to use my new Surge I’m finding that the Auto mode for the backlight doesn’t come on all the time I’d like it to.


I think a “Manual” backlight mode would be great, where:

From the clock screen a short press of the top right “Action” button turns on the backlight for several seconds

From any screen a long-press of that button toggles the backlight for several minutes or until you turn it off with another long press.

Maybe make the number of seconds and minutes a user configuration setting?


Also please consider adding a hybrid backlight mode that combines the Auto function based on ambient light and the Manual mode as an override if you can’t read the display but Auto isn’t activating for whatever reason.

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Turn backlight to On. Then any button press or screen tap activates the backlight for about 5 seconds regardless of the light conditions.

To save the battery I don't want the backlight to come on when I don't need it, and I also don't want it to come on if I accidentally bump the screen in a dark environment.  I'd really prefer the ability to control it manaully when I want to it to come on!

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Completely agree, was just an option till the feature is available.


Thanks jgallamore- I de appreciate the suggestion for a short term workaround.  Smiley Happy  Forgot to express that in my reply before...

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My back lighting is too low. I can barely read screen, I have great eyes so don't know why this screen is lit so low. Maybe I'm use to the bright screen of my Microsoft band. Lighting is too low.
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Backlight works if you tap the screen

Couldn't agree more.  This is exactly what I want the Surge to provide, and with a firmware update, shouldn't be too much to ask.  Good call sir, thanks!

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Please add the ability to disable wrist glance feature only while the wearer is sleeping. I love the new feature, however it keeps showing the clock when I roll over or move around while sleeping and it wakes me up. Thank you.


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It should do this while you're sleeping, sure. But it should also be on a schedule. Such as Between 11:30 and 6 AM, do not activate the quick view. Also, if I'm sleeping, do not activate quickview.


I think the former is probably easier to implement.

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Deifnetly agree with this post! kept me up all night yesterday.

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it would be nice to have option to select how sensitive quick view should be. in my case false positive detection of quick view gesture does not happent often but i can imagine that at night it can be quite diturbing.

so if i could choose that charge hr would be less sensitive it could eliminate wrong cases of clock showing up.

or just lower sensitivity during sleep or time of the day


I've attempted to deactivate the quickview, and on my dashboard it says it is deactivated, but it continues to activate.  It woke me up four times last night.  I bought this in part because of the sleep tracker, but with this update, I'm going to have to take it off in order to sleep.  

I think a schedule for deactivating quick view is a great idea. I also want to say however, that quickview is a brilliant update. The single most irksome aspect of these fitness bands (or any digital watch in the dark) is that you had to use two hands to see the time - the one wearing the device and the one pressing the button. With this one simple change, they made they charge HR the best digital watch for use in the dark that i have ever owned, and for use in the light, the equal of any other. This is the kind of simple, clever and impactful feature that we need more of. Not facebook notifications and mountain climbing gps synchronization - just telling the time with no hands. I think there are probably a few more straightforward and clever possibilities - how about seeing your step count with a shake, or by lifting your hand over your head? How about synchronizing my alarms to the appointments in my calendar?
While the quick view functionality is great during the day I find that the quick view often occurs while I'm trying to sleeping which often wakes me up due to the surprisingly bright display of the Charge HR.

Being that the Charge HR knows when you are sleeping I would like to see the quick view feature automatically disable while the user is sleeping.


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Cool idea this happens to me too
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Since the latest update to the Charge HR performance of my FitBit has improved with the new features, especially where now all I have to do to activate the screen is move my wrist up to me and the screen comes to light - brilliant!


Unfortunately when your in bed and you move your arm this is not so helpful, especially when you wonder where the light is coming from (arghhh, a burgular?! - yes this happened). Is there anyway we can turn the screen off when the Charge HR detects sleep?



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It doesn't just need to be able to be turned off at night, but on demand. If I go to the theatre and clap something it lights up, which is detrimental for other people. I would like to be able to disable it, rather than to have to take the whole thing off and put it in my bag.

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I agree that being able to set a schedule when it is active would be great. I have to turn the quick view off using the phone app before going to bed as when trying to get to sleep (before fitbit thinks im asleep - which is why the schedule is important) I kept moving and waking myself up as I sleep with my hand up near my face (call me strange but I do).. 


Please please please add this feature.

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On the other hand, sometimes a quick view of the time is useful at night (as in "oh, great, it's only 2 am. I hoped it was almost time to get up"). Still, a tap to wake the tracker would work for that. So, the tracker display sleeps when the tracker 'thinks' you're sleeping, but if the display doesn't wake when you do, a tap forces the tracker to wake the display.
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I would like to suggest having a night mode function for the Charge HR. My husband has been complaining about my Fitbit lighting up randomly while we sleep. It'd be nice to have the option to disable the Quick View function during night time and reactive automatically during the day. This can be a setting in the Fitbit app and everyone will be able to set a time range for night mode. An added bonus will be to conserve battery life. 

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Agree. I like the Quick View feature in the day but at night it's bothersome.
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+1, this will make our significant other to stop hating our Fitbit
The Charge Hr is like Santa. It knows when I'm sleeping, it knows when I'm awake. So it would be great if it did disable quick view when I'm asleep Smiley Happy

I also think the new quick view feature is a great idea but would also like to be able to have it turned off when I am sleeping.

To have it turn off automatically when my FitBit knows I am alseep would work but would prefer to be able to set times myself.

This would mean I would not get woken up by the display coming on but also that the battery would not be wasted when the feature it is not required.

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