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All About Challenges

Welcome to Fitbit Challenges, an exciting way to stay motivated by competing along with your Fitbit friends. The following are answers to some common questions about Fitbit Challenges.


challenges.pngWhat are Fitbit Challenges?

Challenges put you in a head-to-head competition with your Fitbit friends. You'll be able to compete in a few different ways:


Goal Day 

Get your game face on and commit to fit by doing what it takes to hit your daily step goal.


Weekend Warrior 

Who can get the most steps over the weekend? Challengers have 48 hours, beginning at midnight on Saturday to beat out their opponents! So much for a lazy Sunday!


Daily Showdown 

Who can get the most steps today? Challenge your friends to a showdown as you race against them and time to finish with the highest step count for the day.


Workweek Hustle 

Who can get the most steps Monday - Friday? This type of challenge gives you more of a cushion to catch up - just make sure you don't fall behind!


How do I start a Fitbit Challenge?

You can get started by selecting the Challenges tab in the Fitbit mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows 10. 

                                          Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.30.56.png

If you want to compete against yourself, skip the step for adding friends. If you're using the Fitbit app for iOS, you can see your contacts and any Facebook friends who are Fitbit users but not yet your Fitbit friends. Any person from these lists that you invite to the challenge will also be added as a Fitbit friend.


How many people can join a single Challenge?

Up to 10 people can participate in each challenge. If you initiate a challenge you can invite your Fitbit friends, and those friends can in turn invite their friends.


How many Challenges can I join at once?

You can be in up to five simultaneous challenges (Adventures count toward this total).


Can I join a Challenge that has already started?

If you arrive late to the party, you don't have to worry; invitees have 24 hours to accept the challenge. If you miss the 24-hour window, your Fitbit friends can always re-invite you to the Challenge. Data for the challenge timeframe will count toward their progress.  


What if participants are in different time zones?

The challenge begins and ends based on the challenge owner's time zone, so if you're in a different time zone, you may notice that your challenge leaderboard stats do not always match your dashboard stats. For example, if a east coast user starts a challenge with a user on the west coast, there will be a 3 hour delay in seeing your step data synced to challenges, even though you see the correct step data on your app Dashboard. 


Do I need a Fitbit tracker to participate in Challenges?

No Tracker? No problem. Enable Mobile so that you can see your GPS progress as well as earn credit while participating in challenges. Logged activities will not count toward your progress in the challenges.

MobileRun alongside your tracker will also count towards Challenges or badges, but note that MobileRun alone will not contribute to progress in a challenge so make sure to take your tracker with you. 


Do manually logged activities count toward Challenges?

Only steps from your tracker or MobileTrack count towards a challenge. That means manually logged activities and activities tracked through any third-party apps aren't included in your challenge total.


How do I earn Challenge trophies?

You can earn trophies by coming in first place in a challenge or completing your goal. You can also earn trophies for achieving a personal best in a challenge or for achieving your step goal for each day of the challenge.



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