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Ionic sync Issues with S8 plus

 I Just got my Ionic. It works great and set went...well. 
If I turn off my Bluetooth and then when i turn it back on to sync it wont work. I have deleted the device from bluetooth (forget in other words) and then I reconnect it...this works but it still will not sync on my app. 
I have looked in the forums and someone said have bluetooth forget and then delete the device from my account on my app. This worked and I thought it was fine. Well I turned my bluetooth off again and then a couple hours later I went to sync and i have the same issue again. I don't think the company can expect me through this deleting processes every time I want to sync my device!?!?

I don't ever leave my bluetooth on as it just eats up too much battery and I have no need for it to constantly be on.  Even if what if my phone dies or god forbid I am not near my phone and my fitbit disconnects, then i have to go through this process as well?  

Please help me!!! 

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set up went well**

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