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README.txt Welcome to the Web API help forum


This board is for the discussion of Fitbit's API. Here, you can ask questions and get direct responses from in-house developers and fellow third-party developers.


You can search existing discussions here or start a new topic by using the Ask A Question feature.


A few things to keep in mind when starting a new topic:

  1. Please first review our API documentation. The most frequently asked questions are answered there.
  2. Search to see if anyone else has asked a similar question before posting.
  3. Never publicly share your application's client secret or user access tokens.
  4. Fitbit engineers can review actual HTTP requests made to the Fitbit API to help diagnose issues, but will not debug your application code.
  5. If you feel that you must share application code, avoid posting large portions of code. Use a GitHub gist or link to your code.
  6. Please do not private message Fitbit employees unless requested. Email API Support if you have a confidential matter. 

If you've requested Intraday Time Series Access and haven't heard back from API Support, please be patient. They will review each request in the order in which they were received. We also ask that you please refrain from posting on the forums in regard to your case.


If you have a feature request, please use our Feature Request forum and label the request with "API".


Below are members of the Fitbit API team who are happy to help you!

Accepted Solution

Name: Jeremiah Lee

Role: Web API Technical Product Owner


What’s your favorite Fitbit device?: Charge 2 (plum)

Where do you love to take your Fitbit?: I get around San Francisco in my BMW: biking, Muni, walking. Smiley Wink Fitbit helps me track it all. I also love day hiking all around the Bay Area and nearby Yosemite.


What's your favorite Fitbit API feature you've worked on? Fitbit + Strava integration

Favorite technologies: Node.js, anything and everything that can be done in the browser

Hobbies or interests: all types of visual art and design, cleaning the kitchen after my husband's amazing meals, entertaining my Jenday Conure


Previous experience/background: I previously co-founded three companies and worked at two other startups. Along the way, I discovered the field of UX and have been conducting research on how to improve developers' experiences ever since. I've spoken at several conferences about UX and API design.

Fun facts: On my first trip to San Francisco, I survived a helicopter crash.

Accepted Solution

Name: Ivan


Role: Senior Software Developer


What’s your favorite Fitbit device?: Force


Where do you love to take your Fitbit?: everywhere: I wear it all the time


Favorite technologies: Spring, Java, GWT, Hibernate, AngularJS, maven, Android.


What's your favorite Fitbit API feature you've worked on? fitbit subscriptions API.    


Hobbies or interests: Music, RC, Rasperry pi, arduino.


Previous experience/background: had been raised in development factory with over 5K developers working on different projecst. Used to work as a contractor in several US and German companies. Co-fonunded two companies one of them is stil alive and pretty wealthy. 


Fun facts: 99% of americans are not able to pronounce my name correctly unless I tell the right way to pronounce it.

Ivan Bahdanau
Senior Software Developer at Fitbit
Accepted Solution

Name: Conan


Role: Summer 2014 Intern


What’s your favorite Fitbit device?: Force


Where do you love to take your Fitbit?: I enjoy traveling around the Bay Area on my motorcycle or hiking in national parks. Most recently, I took my Fitbit on the Inca Trail in Peru.


What's your favorite Fitbit API feature you've worked on?: Ask me at the end of summer.


Favorite technologies: I'm still learning...not sure if I have a favorite technology yet.


Hobbies or interests: I enjoy riding around on my motorcycle. I'm trying to get my pilot's license but that's currently on hiatus (it's expensive!).


Previous experience/background: I'm a rising senior studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Previously, I interned at Pandora radio.


Fun Fact: Until 3 years ago, no one ever told me that "rhino" was short for rhinocerous. For 18 years I believed that it was short for "rhinosasaurus."

Accepted Solution

Name: Dan Chen


Username: dchen


Role: Senior Software Engineer / API Tech Lead




What’s your favorite Fitbit device?: The not yet released Fitbit..


Where do you love to take your Fitbit?: Hiking, exploring the city, and even walking around the mall. Anything that moves me up my friends leaderboard and helps me stay active.


What's your favorite Fitbit API feature you've worked on?: OAuth! It helps developers get the data they want and it protects our users personal data from unauthorized access.


Hobbies or interests: I really enjoy tinkering with software and hardware. Currently working on a solar charger project to harvest the energy of the sun for charging my personal electronics and to learn about electrical engineering.


Previous experience/background: I have previously worked as a DevOps contractor for a couple of Alexa Top 500 web sites and worked at a large social gaming company focusing on developer experience through effective and easy to use SDKs and APIs.


Fun facts: I have lived in 2 countries, 3 US states, and 8 different cities.

Dan Chen - Fitbit API
Accepted Solution

Name: Paul Schultz

Role: API Engineer

What’s your favorite Fitbit device?: One

Where do you love to take your Fitbit?: My Fitbit One gets a workout every day up the hill to my apartment. Over 25 floors! 


What's your favorite Fitbit API feature you've worked on?: I really enjoyed working on the API for MobileTrack, which allows users to track basic activity for certain smartphone models.

Favorite technologies: Nintendo 64

Hobbies or interests: Music, Starcraft, Poker, Entrepreneurship, Crowdsourcing


Previous experience/background: I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2013 with a double major in Math and Computer Science. All my internships were at small, early stage startups in the Bay area.

Fun facts: I typed this upside down.

Accepted Solution

Name: Katie


Role: QA Engineer


What’s your favorite Fitbit device?: Flex


Where do you love to take your Fitbit?: To the barn, where I can track my activity while I ride horses.


What's your favorite Fitbit API feature you've worked on?: MobileTrack


Favorite technologies: Ruby


Hobbies or interests: Horseback riding, running


Previous experience/background: I've worked for several web companies here in San Francisco.
Before Fitbit, I worked for another fitness software startup.  Prior to that I worked on a
commercial real estate listing site, specifically in the "farm land for sale" section.


Fun facts: When I was little, I was bitten by a squirrel. Now, I have squirrel powers.

Accepted Solution

Name: David Sanchez

Role: API Product Specialist

What’s your favorite Fitbit device?: Surge

Where do you love to take your Fitbit?: I take my Fitbit hiking up and down the concrete hills of San Francisco as well as skating down the same hills on my longboard.

Favorite technologies: Any mobile tech!

Hobbies or interests: I love art and seeing various art styles and mediums. I also sketch when I can find the time and play guitar, ukulele, and piano.


Previous experience/background: I have been working with tech for a few years now and I have a background in Java. Fitbit will be my first major experience in the industry. Smiley Happy

Fun facts: I'm from Texas and moved to San Francisco on a whim...

Accepted Solution