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Fitbit for Windows Track Notifications Testing (GATT Server)

Beta is Live!

The beta is now live. If you provided a valid email address, you should soon receive an update to the Fitbit app that includes support for notifications. It should become available in the next couple hours.


Fitbit App Build: 2.19.983.0

Windows OS Build: 15055


Please make sure you are on the very latest Windows Insider Fast build! If check the app and do not have the version listed above, you are not on the beta build.


Known Issues

There are known stability issues at this time. We are not seeing the stable performance on current insider builds that we are seeing on internal builds from Microsoft. We're investigating potential improvements we can make in the app, and also hoping that Insider build updates could resolve some of these issues.


Setting Up

  • Open the new app.
  • Sync with your tracker.
  • You will see a new permission request screen that you will need to accept if you would like to enable notifications.


  • Notifications should now be enabled. 


Providing Feedback


From the Dashboard, tap on the ellipsis at the bottom right. You will see a "Feedback" option.




Tapping this will take you to the Windows Feedback Hub, filtered to Fitbit. 




Tap the + button at the top right.




Enter your feedback, add screenshots and ensure the logging is enabled. 


We'll be combing through the feedback and replying as possible.




Fitbit for Windows, Tracker Notifications Testing (Windows Insiders with GATT Server) Welcome


We’re excited to announce that Fitbit will be introducing support for tracker notifications (Call, SMS, Calendar and third party apps) and Connected GPS for all Windows users on the Windows 10 Creators Update coming in April.


Tracker notifications have continually been the most requested feature from Windows users, and now that Windows supports GATT Server we are finally able to deliver this to you.


While GATT Server won’t be available for a few more months on the production version of Windows, Microsoft has now introduced this functionality into Windows Insiders builds of the Creators Update as of the 12th of January (Build 15007).


Fitbit will be running a private beta for people to test tracker notifications prior to general availability in April.

Private Beta Test


The private beta test will become available in the coming weeks. The moment we have a good build to share, we’ll launch. Details of how this will all work are included below.


Our goal is to deliver the best implementation of these features possible (on any platform), and we’re looking for your feedback in making this happen.





What will be available to test in this private beta?

Initially we will plan to have support for Call & SMS Notifications.


Future versions will include support for Calendar & Third party app notifications and Connected GPS support.


What can I expect from the beta?

Bugs, lot’s of bugs!


These features are in active development, and are running on an in-development OS build. It’s highly likely that things may be broken, or perform badly and break from updates to the OS or the app.


The idea is for things to steadily improve until we are super solid for launch. You’re helping to make this feature awesome. If you’re expecting to get early access to a fully working feature, you’ll be disappointed.


How can I become a tester?

You will need to meet the following requirements to become a tester:


  • Own a Windows 10 Mobile device.
  • Be a participant of the Windows Insider program.
  • Be willing to provide your Microsoft Account Email.
  • You are willing to test app features in an alpha or beta state, on alpha/beta quality Windows OS builds.
  • You are willing to provide feedback and actively engage with devs to help us improve this feature to launch.
  • You understand the terms “flighting” and “whitelist”, without using Google/Bing.


I would like to strongly stress that you should not participate in this test if you are unsure of the following:


  • What a alpha or beta test is.
  • What the Windows Insider program is.
  • What the “Fast Ring” is.
  • Whether your mobile device is supported.


We assume that you are taking full responsibility for your participation in this test. All the caveats of participating in the Windows Insider program apply here also. We will not be providing help or support for issues relating to the Windows Insider program. If you’re unsure, wait, seriously.


If you are not comfortable with the risks involved, please wait for this to go to production in April.


Why do you need my Microsoft Account Email?

The test will run through the Windows Store. By providing your Microsoft Account Email (the one with which you are logged into the Windows Store), we can “whitelist” it to receive the special flighted build. This is the only reason we require the email.


How will I get the app to test?

When we enable the test flight of the app you will receive an update to the Fitbit app installed on your phone. The update will be delivered through the Windows Store, the same as any other update is delivered. Nothing else required on your side.


How long will the test run for?

We will be providing new builds up until the official release of the Windows 10 Creator's Update. At which point we will merge this feature to production and close the beta.


Do I have to signup by a certain time?

We will be taking applications until the day we launch the beta. If your application does not make it before that day, we will look to add it in the next wave (or update) of the app. We will continually monitor the size and manageability of the private beta. If things start to become unmanageable then we might close new applications, or think about limiting the size of the test.


How will I be able to switch back to production once the beta is over?

Once the Creators Update becomes available we will stop flighting the app, at which point you will just update to the latest production version through the Windows Store and continue as normal.


Can I leave the Beta?

You shouldn’t need to “leave” the beta. Just disable the Notifications from within the app and you are good to go. You are running a production version of the app. It is just the feature that is in beta.


When will this be available for everyone?

These features will become available to everyone with the launch of the Windows 10 Creators Update. Soon! (™)

**New FAQs**

I use my Microsoft Account on several Windows 10 Mobile devices, will all my devices receive the new update? 

No. When we create the test flight of the Fitbit app, it will target a new minimum version of Windows. This will be at least 15007 to ensure that the device supports GATT Server. Only devices running that build, or higher, will receive the new test build. Any other devices using that MSA will continue to receive the regular production Fitbit app. 


When is this test going to begin?

We're currently looking at sometime in early February, depending on Windows Insider release schedule and Fitbit's ability to get our build ready. It's a little like trying to build a bridge between two moving trains, so bear with us.

Current builds of Notifications on the Windows Insider builds is not working at a level that makes sense to release for testing. There are a number of known issues that are being worked on at Microsoft and Fitbit. It's likely that the minimum version of the Windows Insider build required will be higher than the current 15007. 


How long are signups going to be available?

We've received an amazing number of signups (a lot more than we expected)! I'm going to keep the signups form upon until the end of the week. Then we'll probably need to close it. If the test gets too large it'll become a bit hard for us to parse all of the feedback, and limit our ability to engage with testers. As it is, this already seems like it will be a challenge. If you don't make it in, you won't need to wait much longer for this to become available publically. 



Sign me up!


Great! You’ve read all of the above, understand the risks and are excited to test tracker notifications. How do you sign up?


Signups are now closed!


All data we collect will only be used for this test. We will never use this information for any other purposes and it will be deleted once the test is complete.

Providing Feedback

The test builds will contain a link to take you to the Feedback hub to create issues and provide feedback on the build you are testing. We’ll be closely monitoring the feedback here and responding.


We’ll update this post with more detailed screenshots and instructions when we kick things off.

Thank you


I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone here in the Fitbit Community for your incredible patience. This has, by far and away, been the most requested feature that we’ve had to wait to deliver. It’s been a long time coming and I hope we can deliver something that meets your expectations. I want to personally express my appreciate for your continued enthusiasm and support of Fitbit on Windows.


I also want to extend a huge thank you to everyone at Microsoft for their work on bringing this feature to life (and there have been many over the years!). In particular Kiran Pathakota the Program Manager of Microsoft's Bluetooth team for his continued and determined efforts to keep GATT Server as a priority. There are a lot of people who helped make this a reality.


All good things come to those who wait. Thanks for waiting with me!


Best regards,


Tristan Rice

Product Manager - Windows Platform
Accepted Solution

Thanks for this. I'm a Windows phone driver developer and avid Fitbit user. I'll put your beta through its paces.

Accepted Solution

Hi Tristan,


First, thank you so much for continuing to drive for this feature. I am a long time beta tester and Windows Insider and can't wait to test this on my Blaze. Second, is there a way to set up an auto send of a confirmation email after someone signs up for the beta? I submitted my email twice as i was not sure i did it right the first time.


Accepted Solution

Signed up and cant wait to start testing this feature.

Im used to bugs being on the insider program but they have never been too much of an issue.


I look forward to helping the community Smiley Happy

Accepted Solution

Thanks Smiley Happy

Accepted Solution


Thank you to Tristan and everyone for their work on this! I've signed up and eagerly await the beta test!

Accepted Solution

This is really great!

I bought a Charge 2 a month ago, and being a naïve person, I hoped that it would support notifications some day in the future (my wish was before summer  2017), and already now there is notifications coming soon!

Thank you! My Windows Phone just rose significantly in practical value. 📱 ☺

Accepted Solution

I just bought a blaze on Black Friday. Can't wait to start testing!

Accepted Solution
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Looking forward to the beta. Thanks! 

Since I have two WP10 phones connected to my account, with only one running the Insider Fast Ring builds (Production on my main phone), I presume that the beta Fitbit app will only be offered to that device as an update...


[edit: came back to check if there were any updates to the topic and see that the FAQ indicates that the beta will be targeting a minimum Windows build. That answers my question.]


Accepted Solution

Awesome news. Enjoy a good beta test, bring it on!

Accepted Solution
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I, a loyal Windows Phone user, (arguably to a fault Smiley Happy ), appreciate all the time and effort you have and will put into this effort.  As a new Charge 2 owner it's nice to know that I can soon utilize all of its features.  Thanks again!

Accepted Solution

Thanks for sticking with us on this!


Finally pulled the trigger and bought a Blaze now that this feature is on the horizon. Can't wait Smiley Very Happy

Accepted Solution
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Glad to hear this is in progress!  I am running insider preview on my Win10 phone and am looking forward to testing the new functionality on Fitbit soon!

Accepted Solution
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I have a question...


i've got 3 phones (1 W10M and another W10M on Insider, and an iOS)

And im not a developer... just a former Band 2 user that changed to FitBit.


But my main device is W10M Lumia 950... So i decide to join this test, will i be able to help

if my insider device isnt my main one?

Is there any problem for those who have the FitBit app installed in more then one device?


Ps: I didnt know that Connected GPS doesnt work on W10.






Accepted Solution

Thank you, I am looking forward to this chance to assist in bringing more options to the windows platform and testing a note worthy product. I currently have been using a Lumia 950 XL.

Accepted Solution
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It's great to see so much excitement about this announcement!

I've added a new FAQ to the post for users who have multiple Windows 10 devices and are wondering how this will work. 

Product Manager - Windows Platform
Accepted Solution

This is awesome news. I bought my Blaze at a Microsoft store as a replacement for my Band that was falling apart. I fell in love with the Blaze, but almost returned it when I realized it had no notification capabilities. Lucky for me I got a notification of the GATT server coming out in the latest Insider preview. Since it looked like Fitbit was committed to making these features work ASAP I decided to wait it out. Definitely glad I made that choice now.


I running build 15007 and ready to go Smiley Happy

Accepted Solution

See, support like this is why I just bought my new Fitbit Blaze to replace my MS Band 2. Thanks for the awesome W10M support! Excited for this.

Accepted Solution

THANK You, Fitbit.  Like other Microsoft diehards, I have had the MS Band 1 and Band 2.  Due to reliability issues, I went with Fitbit for the support.  We are a small, but dedicated group.  I signed up and am really looking forward to this.

Accepted Solution




Signed up with L950 :-)

Can't wait for the new flagship from Fitbit with Pebble & Vector smartwatch functions!



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